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What to change

The way the game open attacking football is welcome, but only in terms of the ephemeral. There is a tendency for players familiar with the AI ‚Äč‚Äčtake the ball and perform checks, no matter where they are on the ground, which can sometimes get stupid. Steve Sidwell is not Lionel Messi, FIFA 15(fifa15coinsbuy), but I think it is.

EA teams for international joke license holders. Although it has many teams around the world, and only the use of logos and real groups, so international tournaments / games seem strange low rent for a series that prides itself on its different in licensing and supply.

I get what EA is trying to connect to the World Scout Network in career mode. Make the most organic process, people just stop poaching the best players in the world with a click of the stick. But what I have here is too slow and cumbersome. I understand the need to identify children do not know the age of 18 in the Bundesliga, but I do not really need to explore how to tell Jack Wilshere is set to play with me?

We know that the team at the end is now the cornerstone of not only a game, but we work in the surrounding EA game. Therefore, it is a priority. But I want to say things such as Pro, and the director of a similar level of attention. I do not see any real change for years, and despite a number of these experiments are NBA2K unique sports game – a game commercial role – FIFA is much lower than that of most games on their own.

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