then another step to distance

Rose after the student, please learn the fatal blow with Cheap Cabal Alz the ice arrows, especially fatal blow is a necessary study skills. Temporary increase in fatal blow their attack rate  also increased the critical damage, point to  are all %. But also comes through with the defeat of the results, through a % probability of defeat is. Ice Arrow should be included frozen. Effect of it, the monster will be Frostbolt hit probability of the set in place. Frostbolt with a fatal blow to cross-use & horde of monsters will be repelled, difficult to close itself. If unfortunately, did not repel & horde, then another step to distance it nstantaneous. After the student can learn advanced ice gas in game, then you can lookout to replace lost arrows. After the magic master will learn magic burst firing with the gun, can replace lost Frostbolt with a fatal blow. Burst firing is a range of skills, and his attack range is , then comes down with the defeat of the effects are. Is through the magic of the gun type, but there comes down the same effect with defeat. But just learned shooting with the magic of the gun burst, because the low level, quite a long cooling time. When using the Combo, can only link to Combo, no matter how good cycling skills had not even cool. At this time, please put the first four skills to do the cooling time on the buffer, with the first three skills to use when receiving  th. This is a fairly useful relationship to have Cabal Alz. At level  it seems to have three abilities. First up is the Love Bomb attack, which is a medium damage AoE, triggered by time spent with lover and luck in love. Secondly, when on low HP, you can get the Refreshing Kiss, which will give your lover a maximum of + hp back. Finally, if your lover should die, you can use the Cabal Power Leveling Kiss of Life to restore them to, well, life, with  hp. Archer hit the top have two skills in gameCabal Powerleveling, but also all the violence, a server can do a few? As long as the archer to hit me over to four skills. Very simple. PVP beginning of impact, , good luck.

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